Dear Teachers,
The following is an update on the AIPAC  matter.
It was written by Dr Jonathan Levy and shared with all staff at CHAT Sept 13,2019.

“Memo to All Staff and Teachers at TanenbaumCHAT:

We are writing to follow up on our March 26, 2019 email, which addressed certain events that transpired in relation to the 2019 AIPAC Conference earlier this year. The parties recently appeared before an arbitrator and agreed to follow up on our earlier email to report as follows.

The Administration and Federation agree that posting on social media can lead to unanticipated responses, including bullying comments and even hate speech. In light of this, the Parties agree that caution must be exercised when social media is used. Bullying and hate speech towards anyone in the community, including our staff, will not be tolerated by our school.

We take pride in our outstanding Jewish Studies and General Studies teachers. They demonstrate the best in Jewish education, and we support them.

We also wish to let you know that all disputes in relation to this matter have been resolved to the satisfaction of the parties and the parties now wish to move forward in a productive manner.”